This is how we ranked an E-commerce client at the top of Google for their dream keywords in less than 90 days πŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ“ˆ

SEO doesn’t have to be β€˜slow’

This client is now ranking at the top of Google and on the first page for a selection of transactional keywords that revolve around β€˜Luxury + Product Name’ (around 2000-3000 monthly search volume).


This has been accomplished in just a few months by implementing;

πŸ“„ On-page – We took a high converting page, duplicated it and then SEO optimised it before translating it into different languages.

✏️ Content Strategy – We produced a batch of high quality blog content for the website to capture people at all stages of the buyers journey but to also add topical relevance and a nice heap of internal linking.

β›“ Linkbuilding – So far we have focused on building a volume of links to the target page using a mixture of guest blogging, directories and listings on relevant websites.


Moving forward we will be;

πŸ’° Focusing more on the revenue / impact this generates rather than β€˜rankings’ which have been our main KPI for now along with traffic and impressions.

πŸ“ˆ Increasing their other SEO rankings as well as ranking their translated pages.

πŸ” More of a focus on super high quality backlinks (quality over quantity this time).

πŸ–Š Producing more content which we will also translate to help on a global scale.

Excited to see where we take this!


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