YOY we increased new sales from 27 – 50 on a Β£4000 offer. This also led to more repeat customers.


We mainly focused on improving their SEO and PPC efforts but we also put a lot of energy into lead nurturing, landing pages and looking at the full sales funnel to maximise growth.

πŸ“ˆ Improving the sales funnel involved:

– A\B testing landing pages
– Producing relevant content that addressed objections / pain-points
– Automated Email and SMS campaigns
– Testing different re-targeting ads / campaigns
– Fixing email deliverability issues
– Gathering reviews and testimonials
– Bespoke Email and SMS campaigns

πŸ” Improving their PPC campaigns involved:

– Reducing wasted spend on irrelevant / poor performing keywords
– Testing new campaigns
– A/B testing ads
– Changes we made to the sales funnel had the biggest impact

πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» Improving their SEO campaigns involved:

– Focusing on low hanging fruit (keywords ranking positions 3-10 that we could push up Google easily)

– Improving backlink profile (raises overall rankings)

– Ranking for new keywords (creating new pages and implementing our strategy, message me for more details on this)

Facebook was used primarily for re-targeting and sadly we were down by 2 sales but thankfully this year we are ahead on the Facebook ad side of things.

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