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In 2021 we won two awards for ‘consistency delivering exceptional client results’ and for being recognised as one of the top 3 agencies in Cambridge!


A small powerful marketing team that you will honestly enjoy working with.

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Bespoke digital campaigns that get you to your goals

Our Digital Marketing Process Is Proven To Get Results

Digital marketing may be complicated but our process is crystal clear. We develop bespoke campaigns for each client but generally they follow this type of structure:

Drive – We get you in front of your ideal customers using things like SEO, Google Ads, paid social ads, value and targeted content with inbound and direct responce marketing methods.

Convert – We deploy a range of tactics to turn this traffic into potenial customers using things like landing pages, funnels, lead magnets & more.

Retarget –  It sometimes takes numerous touch-points to convert potenial customers so we make sure we implement the best retargeting campaigns to really maximise the results from all your marketing efforts.

Nurture – As an agency we look at the full picture so we can also help you convert more of your pipeline and audience by nurturing people with email campaigns, retargeting ads and we can also work closely with your team on improving conversions each month through a variety of strategies.

Your Dedicated Team Of Marketing Professionals

The online space is constantly changing. Can you confidently say that you are using several online marketing channels to effectively provide streams of new customers or are you relying on referrals, old methods or stuck doing the wrong things.

Maybe an old digital marketing agency or marketer failed to deliver you results before so you just gave up.

Here at Clickscope we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional digital marketing campaigns to help businesses grow. In 2021 we won an award for our case studies.

We tailor each campaign based on our clients needs but mainly specialise in things like SEO, Paid media marketing and Content marketing.

Every digital campaign is optimised for return on investment whether you need: leads generating, online store sales, more online traffic, bookings & automated systems, actual store visits, more conversions, phone calls or something completely different !


What makes you different from other digital agencies?

We have provided training and consulting to over 60 other digital marketing agencies and freelancers. In our first two years we won an award for our case studies and we were also recognised as one of the top agencies in our local city of Cambridge. There are a lot of good digital marketing agencies and marketers out there and we like to think we are one of them.

Will digital marketing help my business?

We are living in a digital marketing and technology era. Your customers will be online and ready to convert using things like Google, social media and more. If you are not getting in front of these people you will be leaving a lot of business out on the table that your competitors might be taking advantage of. There is also so much you can be doing to further nurture your existing audience, leads and clients into further business growth. 100% of businesses we speak to are not utilising digital marketing to it’s full capacity (and neither are we yet).

What type of digital marketing do you focus on?

We mainly focus on inbound and direct responce marketing techniques such as SEO, paid ads, social media and content marketing. We help you find people looking for exactly what you offer (even if they don’t know it yet) and build systems and campaigns to generate regular streams of new customers for your business each month. For a lot of our clients we also look at the sales and nurturing side of things as well to get even better results.

Sorry I’m a new to all of this what exactly is digital marketing?

We are living through a huge digital revolution! Digital marketing utilises internet and online based marketing techniques on mobile phones, desktops and other platforms to promote services and products. Some example digital marketing strategies are – Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Ads, Sales Funnels, Web Design & App Promotion. Digital marketing is constantly growing because more and more people are using digital tech to make buying decisions.

How can I get started?

Contact us using our email address – or try call us on 01223 736713.

Content Social Media

The Digital Marketing Industry

With the constant expanding platforms & technologies comes the need for businesses to be able to adapt into the online space. We are living in a digital era and this is just going to keep on increasing year on year.

Are you leveraging some or all of the online methods (that change rapidly) to grow your business? or are you still stuck in the stone age equivalent of the marketing world?

By the end of 2021, IN THE UK ALONE. Digital marketing advertising spend is estimated to reach over £15,000,000,000 (15 Billion).

Roots in Cambridge but we work with clients around the world 🌎

Clickscope started in the beautiful City of Cambridge but we work with clients all around the globe including Malaysia !

Modern technology makes it easy for us to work with anyone in the world and still have regular face to face meetings using Zoom or in person.

More on our digital services


Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website so it appears on Google or other search engines for selected keywords and phrases that your clients are searching for. The great thing about SEO is your getting infront of a warm audience of people looking for your services, products and business (even if they don’t know it yet)

Google Ads

Google Ads is very similar to SEO except your business or products appear right at the top of Google (if optimised correctly) and you pay for each click on your ad (pay-per-click). You can also run display ads on relevant websites to get infront of more potenial customers that are not necessarily searching for your exact products or services.

Paid Social Ads

Organic reach is dead on a lot of social media sites as the platforms are trying to move companies towards their paid platforms (which works extremely well if run correctly). You can get infront of thousands of potenial customers for a low cost with a range of precision targeted campaigns and great looking image & video ads/ ads.

Landing Pages & Funnels

Websites are great but consumer attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter, more distractions create less conversions and with the right marketing campaigns a landing page or funnel you can skyrocket performance. Landing pages are hyper optimised for campaigns and are essential for a large proportion of digital marketing campaigns in this day and age.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still an extremely effective digital marketing channel. It’s great for nurturing leads, driving more store sales or sharing inbound content to increase revenue. We believe most businesses out there should be utilising email marketing campaigns to improve their marketing efforts.

and more!

Content marketing & Youtube Ads are some other digital services we provide just to name a few! We mainly focus on inbound methods and keep up with the latest consumer and channel trends so that we can continue to help businesses across the world grow with digital marketing!

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