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Our Bespoke Process Is Proven To Get Results

Digital marketing may be complicated but our process is crystal clear. We develop bespoke campaigns for each client but generally they follow this type of structure:

Attract – We get in front of people looking for exactly what you offer with targeted ads, value and inbound marketing methods.

Generate – We deploy a range of tactics to turn this traffic into leads using things like landing pages, funnels, lead magnets & webinars.

Convert – We help you convert more by nurturing leads with email campaigns, retargeting ads and we can work closely with your team on improve conversions each month with sales training, CRM optimisation, CRO and messenger campaigns.

Delight –  We can run campaigns to generate more reviews and discuss things like referral campaigns to really take things to the next level.

Your Dedicated Team Of Marketing Professionals

Here at Clickscope we pride ourselves in delivering exceptional digital marketing campaigns to help businesses grow!

We tailor each campaign based on our clients needs but mainly specialise in SEO, Paid media marketing and Content marketing.

Every digital campaign is designed to create a strong return on investment for our clients whether you need: leads generating, online store sales, more online traffic, bookings & automated systems, actual store visits, more conversions, phone calls or something completely different !


What makes you different from other digital agencies?

We are a small hands on team of elite marketers that focus on great results and building long lasting client relationships. We work with a handful of selected clients and we are structured slightly differently from most agencies – check out the About page for more information.

Will digital marketing help my business?

In short, yes! – we are living in a digital era. Hundreds & thousands of people will be looking online for what you offer everyday using things like Google, social media and more. If you are not getting in front of these people you will be leaving a lot of business out on the table that your competitors might be taking advantage of.

What type of digital marketing do you focus on?

We mainly focus on inbound marketing techniques such as SEO, paid ads, social media and content marketing. We help you find people looking for exactly what you offer (even if they don’t know it yet) and build systems and campaigns to generate regular streams of new customers for your business each month.

Sorry I’m a new to all of this what exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing utilises internet and online based marketing techniques on mobile phones, desktops and other platforms to promote services and products. Some example digital marketing strategies are – Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Ads, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Design & App Promotion. Digital marketing is constantly growing because more and more people are using things like mobile devices to find services and products each day.

How can I get started?

Book in a free strategy call with our CEO, in this call Sam will run through with you exactly how to grow and scale your business with digital marketing. We will audit your website and online presence beforehand to provide some awesome insights. Alternatively, if your shy then request a video audit and we can send you one over. After you’ve seen the potential out there and understand what work and strategies, we can implement we can discuss a fair monthly retainer and contract that you are happy with.

You mentioned guaranteed results?

Absolutely, this is offered on a case by case basis but in general we offer some sort of ROI or results over a certain time period so you have full trust and faith that our digital campaigns will help skyrocket your business.

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The Digital Marketing Industry

By the end of 2020, IN THE UK ALONE. Digital marketing advertising spend is estimated to reach around £15,000,000,000 (15 Billion).

With the constant expanding platforms & technologies comes the need for businesses to be able to adapt into the online space. We are living in a digital era and this is just going to keep on increasing year on year.

Are you leveraging all the online methods (that change rapidly) to grow your business? or are you still stuck in the stone age equivalent of the marketing world?

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