About Us

Are you motivated and looking for an award winning agency who you will actually enjoy working with?….if so we would love to have a chat!

The new era of digital agencies... we are Clickscope.

  • Looking to drive business growth and get a better marketing ROI?
  • Looking for an award winning agency that delivers fantastic results?
  • Looking for a team that you will actually enjoy working with?

Well that is NOT us so bugger off! …….hah just kidding!

We are a smaller intimate agency who focus on ROI and revenue driving results through digital marketing campaigns & systems. In 2021 we won an award for ‘consistency delivering exceptional client results’ with our marketing campaigns and we were also recognised as one of the top 3 agencies in Cambridge through our online reviews, reputation and case studies.

We would love to have a no obligation chat with you so feel free to contact us via email contact@clickscope-digital.co.uk or phone 01223 736713.

A Digital Agency with a Difference

We mainly work remotely and have provided training and consulting to over 60 other digital marketing agencies and freelancers. In our first two years we won an award for our case studies and we were also recognised as one of the top agencies in our local city of Cambridge. There are a lot of good digital marketing agencies and marketers out there and we like to think we are one of them.

We provide training and consulting to other agencies and freelancers.

We have provided training and consulting to over 60 other digital marketing agencies and freelancers helping them with client results as well as their own internal growth and systems.


We don’t overcomplicate things and we keep things simple when it comes to how we will generate you results, what’s coming up, what we are going to do to improve or rectify something and so on.

We don’t overstretch our resources

In some agencies there are tonnes of different teams, marketers and account managers which are often stretched across a lots of different client accounts with account managers that usually don’t really understand or really dive into the campaign work or understand whats going on.

Founded by agency experience

Our founder Sam D’Arcy worked at a handful of digital marketing agencies and marketing teams before he started Clickscope.

What are we like as a digital agency?


We are sick of hearing from people who have been ’stung’ by other agencies. We give full clarity on the work, results & what’s coming up.


Client relationships are extremely important to us; we consider many of our clients to be close friends now.


We are super passionate about achieving results, its massively rewarding for us seeing our clients grow.


We love a good challenge and pride ourselves in adapting to different challenges and niches. 


We are a small elite team who honour good client relationships so your business is not stretched across lots of different people who change frequently.


We are truly obsessed about digital marketing; you might catch us rambling on the phone about it during certain discussions. Sorry!


We are extremely efficient and work fast but thoroughly so you start seeing results as quickly as possible. There is no waiting around for months to see anything happening!

No Nonsense

All we care about is ROI and amazing results none of the other fluff!