About Us

‘to prove the statistics wrong and create a world where more businesses thrive…..not fail in the digital revolution’

The new era of digital agencies... we are Clickscope.

A small team of elite marketers with a different approach. Clickscope was founded by me in 2019 (Sam D’Arcy). I have been in the digital marketing industry over 7 years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with brands like Costa Coffee and some of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK.

We mainly work remotely but we are frequently in Cambridge and have office space there if you want to meet up properly. 2020 really made us realise how productive and more efficient working remotely most of the time is and its a bonus not having to spend 90 minutes commuting to an from an office everyday.

A Digital Agency with a Difference

Some digital marketing agencies  have tonnes of different teams, junior staff members and huge expensive offices. Clickscope is a small streamlined agency which focuses just on digital, inbound & direct response marketing. We don’t build and design websites or offer app development or PR. Just digital marketing……simple.

No expensive offices & amenities.

Don’t get me wrong having a fun amazing looking office is great but it creates tonnes of distractions and ultimately this all needs to be funded by the client retainers which will be increased to accommodate for these luxuries.

We offer guaranteed results

This is on a case by case basic but generally we offer some sort of guarantee return on investment or results within a certain time frame (usually a month – three months). This is because we are extremely confident in what we do and we also want our client to have full faith that everything will work so they can sit back and relax. (the pressure is on us to deliver).

We don’t overstretch our resources

In most digital agencies, marketers and account managers are often stretched across a lots of different client accounts with account managers that usually don’t action or really dive into the campaign work but act more as a communicator between clients. Often it can be hard to even get on a call with the person you need and your project is split across lots of junior staff members with little experience.

We don’t hide behind irrelevant metrics

Impressions, click-through-rates and ‘conversions’ can great for optimising campaigns but we know clients only care about revenue and ROI so we only focus on the metrics you care about.

Our goal is to create a return on investment for you as quickly as possible to help you scale and grow as a business.

What are we like as a digital agency?


We are sick of hearing from people who have been ’stung’ by other agencies. We give full clarity on the work, results & what’s coming up.


Client relationships are extremely important to us; we consider many of our clients to be close friends now.


We are super passionate about achieving results, its massively rewarding for us seeing our clients grow.


We love a good challenge and pride ourselves in adapting to different challenges and niches. 


We are a small elite team who work with a handful of selected clients, so your business is not stretched across loads of different people which changes regularly.


We are truly obsessed about digital marketing; you might catch us rambling on the phone about it during certain discussions. Sorry!


We work hard & thoroughly but also at a good pace so that campaigns are up and running in the first few weeks.

No Nonsense

All we care about is ROI and amazing results none of the other fluff!