SEO and PPC are two inherently different digital marketing strategies that come together to form a powerful combination. Where one might be lacking, the other shines, and it is in their ability to complement one another that many businesses see great success.

To demonstrate what we mean by this, we’ve highlighted a few situations that show us how beneficial the two can be when used along side each other. From better visibility to greater conversions, here are three ways SEO and PPC can lead to better business:

1. They give you more visibility in SERPs

PPC ads typically appear at the top of SERPs. This is what makes them relatively expensive, as their location allows for unrivalled visibility on the likes of Google and Bing. SEO content doesn’t guarantee the same level of exposure, but it comes with the benefit of being less costly to implement. Long-term, SEO can yield excellent results since many people trust organic results over paid ads.

When combined together, SEO and PPC offer the best of both worlds, giving any business greater coverage in search engines. This effectively grants you with double the amount of visibility, provided that your content is performing well in the first place.

Say you’re making a search query. After entering the search term, you’re immediately offered paid ads. You may simply click on one of them, but if you’re like many people, you’ll skip over this section and proceed directly to the organic results. Even if you don’t click a business’s paid ad, their organic ranking will still entice you to click through to their website and see what they’ve got to offer.

2. They inform each other

PPC campaigns deliver fast results that you can track and gather valuable insight from. This means you can leverage them to effectively gauge your market’s response to your advertising practices, allowing you to target the right keywords that offer the most potential.

For example, you could use a short-term PPC campaign to experiment with certain keywords. Doing so will allow you to see how profitable these are, allowing you to create SEO content that targets the most successful terms.

This can also work the other way around, particularly if you’ve been producing content for long enough. You’ll be able to see what type of content your customers are most responsive to, providing you with more data to base your next PPC campaign on.

3. They give you another shot at converting

It’s not uncommon for visitors to your website to take multiple visits before finally converting to a customer or subscriber. Your content might not have been enough to convince them initially or perhaps they just wanted some more time to browse through their options. Whatever the case, PPC ads that retarget these customers can be the final push needed for them to finally convert.

SEO content can do the same, but using a different approach. This is because the aggressiveness of some paid ads can turn people off as they seem to lack value. When you make up for this by delivering quality content that provides that missing value, you give yourself a better chance to sway people’s decisions in your favour.


As you can see, SEO and PPC are two heavily intertwined marketing tactics that go hand-in-hand. They are parts of an overall digital marketing strategy that allows your business to build brand awareness and drive up sales—not just in the immediate future, but also in the long term. If you are struggling with these concepts, a digital marketing agency can help you out and brush up on your digital marketing tactics!

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