Hey so today I wanted to talk to you about a huge issue that I see with over 90% of businesses and that is simply that they are not doing ‘enough’ with their digital marketing efforts.

In case you missed it, we are living in a digital revolution and companies, employee’s & marketers that don’t keep up with the fast pace of the industry are getting left behind and limiting the success of their business & marketing efforts.

Now when I say ‘not doing enough’ I’m typically talking about one of three common scenarios:

Not using certain channels at all in their business or marketing strategy

So a big one I see is companies not re-marketing to their audience across paid social, email & those vital channels which ultimately increase growth by nurturing your audience and adding more touchpoints > Remember barely anyone will convert straight away.

Other examples are companies that are maybe leveraging SEO but not spending any money on Google Ads or vice versa again just limiting their success massively by just ‘relying’ on other things that are bringing in poor, mediocre or even fantastic results.

Another common one which I’m sure most people have heard before is…..‘We just rely on referrals, we get all our business through referrals’ this is a huge topic for another day but even with a solid referral process in place that maybe does provide some consistency in terms of growth, you are still massively limiting your company growth by just relying on referrals.

Not optimising or managing channels correctly

Wasting spend on irrelevant keywords, not A/B testing, running the same paid social ads over and over with a frequency of like 15. Again the list goes on and on for this scenario but a lot of accounts that we audit or potential clients that we speak to are sometimes even fully aware that the bare minimum is being done or the channel is just ticking over in the background not really progressing which is again creating limitations within their business.

‘Yea, our website has been SEO optimised’ is a common one I hear. SEO is a channel that needs weekly attention to progress, not just a web design agency putting some keywords in the meta data and calling it a day.

‘We pay someone £400pm to run our Google Ads’……and then when you then audit the account it’s a mess and not performing anywhere near as well as it could be.

Not tracking or aware of what is actually working and driving results

Not going to spend too long on this one because it’s a huge topic for another day but again lots of companies we speak to don’t even have the basic tracking tools set up like Google Analytics or maybe their CRM is not even tracking where leads are coming from. 

Leading on from this, maybe they do have the basic tools set up but they are making decisions based on incorrect data or data that can only be obtained from speaking to customers, clients and their community.

Lots of companies will look at things from a last click attribution stand-point and if it’s not driving last click conversions (for instance paid social / SEO blog content / video) they cut it out then wonder why the rest of their strategy declines or why their branded traffic and conversion suddenly tanked.

Unfortunately there is not a tool out there which can clearly show you the impact of absolutely everything you are doing as a business so it’s about leveraging what data you do have, using it correctly and then also speaking to customers, doing surveys so you can make real data-informed decisions for your business.


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