Are you wondering how to grow your service based business more efficiently? Maybe you want to start expanding the team so you can remove yourself from the day to day operations. Well in today’s blog post I’m going to walk through 4 things to help you get towards your goal.

Your offer and market positioning

So the first and most important thing I want to talk about is your ‘offer’ and ‘market positioning’ because the business and online space has become more and more competitive over the recent years and simply selling a ‘service’ really hinders your potenial for growth.

If you are finding that what you are doing marketing wise isn’t working as much as you would like OR if your sales team and overall efforts are having trouble scaling or closing more deals then the chances are your ‘offer’ could be the problem.

This is because when you are simply offering what a lot of other people are offering you do not stand out and it takes a lot more effort to turn potenial prospects into an actual paying client.

This is due to many reasons such as prospects choosing better alternatives or offers, prospects deciding purely based on price, the perceived value not outweighing the price, internal objections that have not been addressed and much more.

For example – ‘We guarantee you 5-10 new quote requests a month’ sells a lot better than ‘We’ll generate you leads for your roofing company’.

Lose 10-20lbs of fat over the next 90 days whilst eating food you love’ sells a lot better than ‘lose weight with our diet and nutrition coaching’.

You can simply enhance your service by adding in things that address common customer pain-points and concerns, you can also add extra features, guarantees and much more to help enhance your offer so it become more than just a ‘service’.

Your offer and market positioning is incredibly important and a great place to learn more about this is by using some of the resources I have linked below either in the description or comments below.

You can also launch new offers and micro offers to drive further business growth and another good example of this is at Clickscope, rather than just offering SEO, Google Ads and other out of the box marketing channels we actually look at the full process now for a lot of clients which is why we get them such good results and we typically offer a guarantee to those who are a good fit to work with us as well. This makes us stand out from other digital marketing agencies.

Your messaging

Another crucial thing to look at is your ‘messaging’ across your website, social media channels and any marketing or sales materials you produce whatsoever because if you are not using good copy and words that nurture prospects according to what stage of the buyers journey they are in it can be really hard to grow and turn more prospects into actual deals.

Hubspot taught us about the buyers journey which talks about the awareness stage, the consideration stage and the decision stage that consumers will be in or moving through at any given time and that the content, language and things you talk about need to nurture and appeal to prospects in each stage.

I’m going to release and link to more content below that goes into more detail about this topic and some other marketing models BUT for example prospects that are in the ‘Decision Stage’ of the Buyers Journey will need different content and messaging that is probably more sales focused than prospects at the ‘Unaware or Awareness Stage’ that will likely need more education and information style content around the potenial problem or solution they are facing.

Your marketing

When you enhance your offer and messaging it makes marketing a hell of a lot easier but which channel to use? And are you focusing on the right channels for our business? – You’ve got things like Cold email, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SMS marketing, content marketing, sales funnels and a lot more but the truth is rather than just picking 1 or 2 channels the best approach to take is to look at things holistically and use multiple channels to get the very best results.

This is because it often takes between 7-15 touch points to turn a cold prospect into a deal so it’s important to use a mixture of strategies that if done correctly will help you find, attract and nurture prospects into sales for your business. The problem is though a lot of people are not using certain channels correctly or they are not looking at things holistically so there are certain bottlenecks that are effecting the success of the overall campaign.

The offer and messaging could be effecting things, or perhaps the campaigns are working but the sales process is letting the campaigns down……This is why it’s so important to look at things holistically and why so many marketing agencies, marketeres and businesses struggle to get better results because they are not looking at the full picture.

Your sales systems

Generating ‘leads’ does not mean your mission is complete, in fact generating leads is just the start of most good marketing campaigns because leads then need turning into actual opportunities and then actual sales. This is done through nurturing in the form of email, phone calls, text messages, voice-mail drops, consultation calls, content and much much more and based on where that prospect is in the buyers journey will dictate the content and messaging they need serving.

This is a huge area that a lot of businesses and marketing agencies miss out on that really helps drive actual results.

In my opinion if you are spending a lot of money on marketing you should be doing everything possible to help turn more prospects and leads into actual opportunities and deals.

This is why at Clickscope we actually provide clients with a free CRM system and lead nurturing tech stack which allows us to implement effective nurturing campaigns, reactivation campaigns and much much more all in one place without spending a fortune on different software.


If you really want to grow your service based business further try addressing some of the issues I have mentioned in todays post or get in touch today and we can discuss how we build ‘Client Generating Systems’ that guarantee to turn more prospects into actual deals for your business whilst saving you time and money using our bespoke CRM and lead management software stack.

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