In today’s market, one of the most important factors that keep a business relevant is its online presence. The advancements in technology have granted access to a wide audience via the internet, inevitably saturating it with business websites. Without a significant online presence, it’s easy to drown amidst the sea of competitors, thus rendering your website useless.

To give them the edge they need to stay relevant in the market, a business must utilise well-planned digital marketing strategies. Unfortunately, many small businesses tend to handle this on their own instead of having a professional do it, which can lead to a multitude of issues and mistakes.

In order to help you avoid these problems, here are four of the most common digital marketing mistakes that SMBs make.

Underutilising different digital marketing strategies

One of the most basic mistakes to make is to underutilise different methods and strategies. While it’s a good practice to invest in the strategy that grants the best results, this does not mean that you should no longer try other marketing strategies.

With the market being as volatile as it is, one method that may be effective today, might not be tomorrow—which is why taking multiple routes to success is the best tactic. By trying out all opportunities available, you can give your business a higher likelihood to succeed.

Excessive and unrealistic goal setting

Goal setting is an important part of any endeavour, as it is only through this that you can properly measure your success. The trouble, however, is if the goals that were set are incredibly unrealistic and unreachable.

Although setting a lofty goal can plausibly lead to better output, the trouble with this is that it’s incredibly demoralising to keep missing out on goals. Through proper goal setting, you can better see the market and adjust accordingly—allowing you to stay inside the realm of efficiency without overreaching your bounds.

Missing the target audience

Seeing an increase in your online traffic is definitely something to celebrate, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean success. Before anything, proper analysis must be made with the data you’ve gathered. One of the more important factors to consider in your online traffic is whether you’re reaching your actual target audience.

Missing your target audience can lead to a wasted effort, as while an increase in traffic can be a good thing, this won’t translate to a proper conversion. The purpose of having a target market for your strategies is to increase your conversion rate—if you can’t make a sale, then you may not reach an ROI.

Utilising clickbait content

Another basic mistake many SMBs make is to rely on clickbait content for their website. The problem with clickbait is that your content, while something many will click on, may not be value-adding for your consumers. This will, in turn, create a poor reputation for your brand, which will ultimately diminish the purpose of using clickbait material in the first place.


In this current age, digital marketing strategies are one of the best ways to keep your business afloat, but only if implemented correctly. By taking note of some of the more common mistakes, you can avoid these and bring your business further in the online world.

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